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Chip Daniels Video Stud Book reviewed by "Northwest Daddy"

Chip Daniels has taken some of his favorite suck and fuck sessions and grouped 10 of them together into a montage of 10 and 20 minute clips of naked man-sex. Chip introduces each one with a bit too much hyperbole for my taste, but he is truly excited about his work!

Scene one is from Hot Cops 1 and it stars Joe Romero and Jeff Jagger. Jagger is handcuffed and sitting in the back seat of a patrol car beating off while Romero is driving. This can’t last for long and so quickly the scene switches to outside the car and Jeff is on his knees blowing Joe. He licks the rod and face fucks it.

Romero then takes off his shorts and he reveals his big chest. He moves to open the trunk of his patrol car and gets out a blanket. Then he puts Jeff up on the trunk of the car, rims him and tongue fucks his ass, thrusting his tongue in and out of Jagger’s hole.

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Houseboy reviewed by "willjack"

Houseboy sounds good, right? Just looking at the cover of the film, you probably know what you’re getting yourself into. The film is about two boys (Steven and Justin) working as house cleaners who’d do anything to please the customer. They wipe the furniture nice and slow and even wear jockstraps to add more pleasure to the eyes.

The storyline is fairly simple. Mark can’t make it to a customer because he is preoccupied by this hot guy in his bed so he sends his friend, Steven, to do the job for him. Steven is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees.

The next scene shows Steven being welcomed by Neil, the customer. Though Neil just finished having sex, it does not stop him from being turned on by Steven. Mesmerized by Steven, all Neil does is watch the houseboy do the duties wearing only a jockstrap. Neil does not touch the boy in their first meeting together but lets Steven go with a generous tip.

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Cum Suckers 8 - Scene 4 reviewed by "marc"

I had no choice when watching Cum Suckers 8 than to give it a 5 star rating! I watched scene 4 and back again is my favorite man with the hairy chest and the goatee. I have yet to find out his name, but when I do, I swear I am going to rent or buy every video I can find of his! He is a true cum-pig and a guy that totally gets me off every time I watch him! He is so eager to suck out every drop of cum out of every cock that comes (or cums) his way. If there were ever a contest to find the biggest cum-pig it might be difficult to find anyone more worthy than this man! On his knees, laying down or standing up, this man finds a hard cock, sucks the hell out of it and waits patiently for the cum to start squirting out. In addition to that, he speaks Spanish so well that he now has the Latin boys pumping their loads down his throat. He is a phenomenal find in the world of videos and cum eating, and why I haven't been able to find out his name baffles the hell out of me.

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Mixxxed Nuts reviewed by "Raven Rafael"

Mixxxed Nuts begins with muscular, curvalicious DeAngelo Jackson washing a red car. He is soon joined by Cody Kyler, who helps him out until they decide their time will be better spent lounging in the backyard by the pool. Once there, Cody wastes no time getting DeAngelo's prong in his hungry mouth. Cody later rides DeAngelo's big dick enthusiastically, his own prick hard and bouncing. DeAngelo rewards him with an awesome load.

Scene two features popular Flavaworks model Mr. Saukei and Tony Michaels. Tony pulls a muscle; Saukei offers his help and soon, of course, the hot pair is making out. You'll never think of washing machines the same way again as Mr. Saukei and Tony take turns blowing each other on the washing machine. And then Tony Michaels gets rimmed.

I will take this moment to rhapsodize a bit about Tony's ass: I don't consider myself much of an ass man, but goddamn Tony's got back! What a plump, juicy set of ass cheeks he's got. "Love the way that ass shakes," cries Mr. Saukei as he fucks Tony, and how right he is. I could watch that ass bounce all day, and later on we're treated to some more of that amazing butt in scene four.

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Inside Out reviewed by "Massage Man"

As Inside Out opens, we find two extremely hot, smooth-bodied musclemen, Eric and Jasper, in a bed situated in a beautiful green field. They are both wearing black Colt underwear which looks great on them. The bright sun is beating down on their tanned chests and you can sense that some sweaty sex is not far off. The premise of this movie is that bedroom activities can be even sexier when filmed outdoors and I found that premise to be true!

Jasper has an astonishingly beautiful and large uncut dick and when Eric starts to suck him into a full erection, you wish you were there to enjoy that sumptuous cock yourself. This is long slow sensuous sex that takes its time and brings you into the pleasure. When Eric gets his ass in the air you want to just take it yourself, it is so appealing. Jasper and Eric pleasure each other and when it comes to entry it is impressive that Eric can take that massive meat all the way inside. Be ready, though, because these men do a flip around that is really great. Watching Jasper’s ass be taken by Eric is fully hot because it is unexpected. They both pump out massive loads on their beautiful chests at the end and they are not the only ones smiling at that site!

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Average Joe Orgy - Scenes 1, 2, and 3 reviewed by "Northwest Daddy"

This series of clips is a fun romp through several cities and some group orgies organized by the website, CRUISING for SEX. The Cruisemaster has invited special guests to come and just 'play,' and these are not the botoxed model types. These are real guys doing the nasty with each other.

Scene one has less variety than some of the others. It begins with two guys on a couch, one blowing the other. There are several couples in the background and it is not altogether clear what they are doing, but it seems sexual. On the couch, it is indeed a nice blowjob happening and the facial expressions on the one receiving are great. He sometimes fondles the other guy’s cock, but mostly focuses on receiving his pleasure.

The scene switches to two guys standing: one blowing the other. Beside them are four guys together. Two guys doing nipple play and one guy is blowing the fourth. Of the six of these guys, they periodically mix and match.

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Triple Play reviewed by "Raven Rafael"

Whoa! That was my constant cry as I watched this Hot Desert Knight video starring one of my favorite men in porn, Will West. This amazing video features oral, anal, and fisting (hence the title) and while I am not a fisting fan I was thoroughly aroused by this video.

Starring only five men (Will West, RJ, Musclecub, Mac and Chris Cohand) in one extended scene, Triple Play manages to keep you turned on throughout. There is no plot, just a bunch of guys in a room going through extremes to please each other. There is so much action here I lost track of who was fucking and/or fisting who, but I have to say it was all deliciously arousing.

Besides Will West, the actor that turns me on the most here is RJ, a shaved-head, bespectacled, bearded guy who tops, fists and bottoms like a beast from hell. One of the hottest scenes here is when RJ fucks the hell out of Will West with his big dick ("I'm fucking seeing stars, man!" Will cries at one point), and after RJ dumps his load in Will's ass RJ is abruptly and brutally fucked by Chris Cohand, whose ass had previously been used and thoroughly abused by cocks and fists. It is a truly awesome moment and guaranteed to make you want to shoot all over the place.

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XL Files, Part 1 - Scenes 3, 4, and 10 reviewed by "Northwest Daddy"

This film is basically casting shots of Czech guys with huge cocks beating off. Nice and simple, and great cocks for sure.

I started with scene three, Martin, a slender, long, blonde-haired stud. He has interesting tan lines and just a bit of chest hair. He is not sure how long his dick is, but it is nice and unusually curved downwards. He kneels on the sofa and just slowly strokes himself. He hardly smiles which is too bad, because he'd be cute with a smile. He is uncut and pulls that foreskin over the head which looks sexy to me. He works himself slowly. His pee slit is really just a little hole, not a slit. The cameraman has some nice closeup shots that catch the texture of his piece of meat well. Martin begins to pick up the pace and then leaks out cum onto the floor. It does not really shoot, but his load just drops out.

Next come Zdenek, a muscular jock with shoulder length dark hair. He begins by stripping and sitting on a overstuffed chair and beating his 8 or 9 inch meat. He is handsome, in shape and has a very nice dick. It is both long and thick. He plays with his balls while he beats and then cums amazingly fast. He shoots a couple of short streams very quickly. This one leaves you wishing for more.

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Bi Sex Party 5: Fuck Club reviewed by "Massage Man"

This movie starts out as a group of sexy 20 somethings gather in a local dance club for some fun drinking and dancing. It takes a little time for people to get comfortable that there is going to be some serious physical action here, but hang on for the good stuff. You know that you are going to want to see these sexy people naked and having hot sex!

The action starts with guy on guy and girl on girl. Zippers come undone and hands and lips start to move in on those sexy body parts! Before long it’s male and female lips sliding up and down a nice hard cock or gently licking a pussy to bring it to its proper stage of fully wet.

You will wish sometimes that there were more closeup shots of the action, but part of what makes this scene very hot is that there are 30 shapely people in this one room who are all getting worked up and worked over. This is a fully bisexual movie with just as many men sliding up and down on hard cocks as there are women. All of the bodies are in great shape and some are actually spectacular. Boy’s and girl’s asses are equally worth plowing and everybody gets into the action.

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